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January 9, 2011


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First of all…I have to give praise to God and thank Him for the number of people who came to our (well, not mine) Sunday School class today. We had at least 30 there today! That is so cool! I hope that what little advertising I’m doing from my Facebook page is helping. Not sure, but that’s ok. God’s bringin’ them and that’s what matters.

Second…The class today was so amazing! The lesson was taught by two individuals who have much biblical and scientific knowledge. “The Bible and Science” was the title today. We learned about there are many parallels to science the Bible has in it…and there are many.

I wrote some notes as I was in class…

How awesome…I can relate better to discussion because I have been reading the Bible. For instance…the idea of time. There was no “time” before creation. One man in class had the opinion that “time” did not exist until man came up with it. Not true! According to the Bible in Genesis 1:14, God created the sun, moon, stars, and planets to mark time and events.

Seeing the pictures taken from the Hubble telescope was so awesome! And when I say “awesome” I mean it in a way that can only describe the glory of God. I will have to find some pictures from the Hubble and post them. So amazing…it really is bringing tears to my eyes.”

How can anyone look at pictures like this and not know that this…that our Earth and everything on it was created by God??? There is no way that it was just some random explosion. Especially now that we can read so many Bible verses that speak of things that people just couldn’t have known some 2000+ years ago. More proof that the Bible is God’s word and not just man’s.

All of the information from class should be up on our website ourlifebythebook.com soon. I want to be able to share it all with anyone who reads this. It’s amazing!



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