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September 30, 2011

busy, busy, busy…

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Seems like I have spent more time playing with the layout and “theme” of my blog than actually writing in the last month or so. lol I mean, having a blog that looks good is important, but it’s not the reason to have a blog. The blog is here because I enjoy writing…just sometimes life is busy, busy, busy!

Working full time is quite a lot for some. However I also have a family and a household to take care of. It gets overwhelming sometimes…kids, husband, shopping, cooking, cleaning. Don’t get me wrong, I do have help from the previously mentioned family members, although not as much from the teens as I would like! So…what about “me time?”

It is not always easy to find.

But I am making progress.

Tonight for instance…my youngest was at a neighbor’s house playing with a friend. I took advantage of that time to get some Bible study in. If I don’t take advantage of those times or purposefully state that I need some time for reading, I’ll never get that time. And I am so thankful that my hubby gives me that time too.

Then there are those times when I waste away any good time that I have. There was a time when I spent hours playing Farmville on Facebook! It was a serious time waster. I still play every now and then, but it doesn’t hold my attention the way it used to.

So…I’m doing my best not to be so busy, busy, busy, all the time. Finding time for myself…time for Bible study…or maybe even a few moments of quiet to myself. We all need that! Even the hubby’s!



September 3, 2011

summer days…

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Summer days, summer days, wherefore art thou my summer days?

Not sure where that came from…but there it is 🙂

Truly the summer has flown by like a bird in pursuit of it’s prey…and that’s fast!

First, my hubby injures his knee. My daughter finished third grade the following week. Then a family reunion. Not long after that my sister-in-law came to visit for a while before moving to Vermont. Then my mother and stepdad came to town for nearly the entire month of August. Yay! To say our days were full would be an understatement. We really enjoyed the time with family. Yet, at the same time I needed a nap! lol

But alas…The new school year was upon us…both girls back to school. Summer gone…or was it? No sooner did the girls go back to school and the temperatures jump! Never fails. I remember many Septembers at school sitting in the hot sun during lunch.

I suppose now that summer is pretty much over people will begin thinking about the next set of holidays…Halloween, The Twilight Saga movie release (well, it’s been a holiday for a few years now lol), Thanksgiving and Christmas. In fact, I’ve been told that Christmas items are already on sale at Costco! Good grief! I don’t even want to think about that yet.

So…summer days have come and gone once again. Looking forward to the autumn season.


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