My first east coast ramble…

We have been here for just over four months. It has not been easy.

I just about drove my husband crazy with my complaining. After all…this was not anywhere in my plans.

In fact…I probably drove my two awesome friends nearly crazy with my woes and crying about the move east. 

Seriously…I cried a lot. I was determined to just hate it here. At least it seemed like it.

No blogs have been posted since last September! I guess I was keeping everything in or sharing with my journal. Bummer. But I did have a nice moment of writing a few weeks ago while on my lunch break. That was cool. It’s on my Facebook page which is private. Maybe I can pull it over here.

I have good days and some not so good. The good days seem to be more frequent than the bad now. For that I am thankful.

I am thankful for a God who is patient with me even when I am consumed with my own little universe. I am thankful for friends who love me and pray for me. I am thankful that the Holy Spirit is reminding me about God’s timing. I am thankful for a husband who forgives me for acting so selfish.

Most recently I am thankful for the opportunity of a full time and well paying job. It has been five years since I left Verizon. In those years I have worked a handful of part time jobs to make ends meet. Thankful indeed.



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