I won’t cry.
The answers are not clear.

Fear is there.
Some things are unavoidable.

My wildest dreams could never have included this again.
Again, what is “this?”

It’s a crazy time.
I feel so far away.

But that is my fault.
Not His.

As I do every day,
I need Him now.

I need Him to hold me up.
The strength only He can provide is my hope.

So I sit here.



Never been there…

I’ve never been there
The place where you are
I can’t say I can relate

But I have been broken
Just like most of us
A feeling we all hate

There’s been deception
There’s been pain
That’s perfectly clear

Nothing is more important
Than those
We hold dear

Still loving
And praying
Is all we can do

And be thankful to God
For bringing
Us through


20 years…

Whirlwind? No.
Fairytale? No.
Wonderful? Most definitely!

We’ve laughed.
We’ve cried.
Done a little yelling.
And done silence too.
We’ve grown.

I am so thankful.
God blessed me.
He blessed us.
He has brought us through.
He brought us together.

I do.
I will.
I am…

Looking forward to the next 20 years.

With you.



In the presence of others
There is reservation

Observation, reception




The “un-love” poem…aka “Poetry #10”

You think you’re entitled
Yet we’re just the same
Wrath unbridled
Don’t play that game

Over the phone
Or face to face
The “customer is always right”
Not in my place!

Use your manners
For goodness sakes.


Missed a few…

So…tonight is the third day that I’ve missed in the poetry challenge. It’s hard to think of a poem every day!

Tomorrow I will have a notebook with me so I can jot down ideas. Usually I just write as it comes to me. Maybe I’m just over thinking it. Maybe I should read more poetry…plenty of blogs to choose from!

Continued luck to all who are participating in NaPoWriMo!


Poetry #5….cinquain challenge

my cinquain…

the sun
as it sets is
like a lone falling star
beautiful and alluring and
God’s act


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