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November 3, 2015


I won’t cry.
The answers are not clear.

Fear is there.
Some things are unavoidable.

My wildest dreams could never have included this again.
Again, what is “this?”

It’s a crazy time.
I feel so far away.

But that is my fault.
Not His.

As I do every day,
I need Him now.

I need Him to hold me up.
The strength only He can provide is my hope.

So I sit here.



April 11, 2015

Contrarian Christians

I’ve never re-blogged before…but this one is a good one! Take a few moments to read.

Restoring Kingdom Builders

“You’ll never be popular.”

That’s what a retired policeman told me after I had preached a sermon early in my pastoral career.

He told me that my sermon was great, but that if I preached that way in the future, many churchgoers weren’t going to like it.

He was probably right.

Some Christians … and I count myself as one … do not always agree with certain popular teachings or practices in the Christian church.

In fact, just because they’re popular doesn’t mean they’re right … or even wise.

When you think outside the mainstream, you might just be a contrarian … even if you’re a follower of Jesus.

Let me give you several illustrations of what I’m talking about:

*The words to a well-known chorus state, “An empty grave is there to prove my Savior lives.”

Is that true?

I hear that phrase “the empty grave” used as evidence of…

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December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve…

I was up before the sun today. There was good reason. My oldest daughter had to be at work by 7am. Although she hates waking up early, she is glad to be off early today. It’s going to be a busy day in the department store where she works. Just thinking of all the last minute shoppers at the mall makes me feel stressed! Going to the grocery store today is not something I’m looking forward to either. That will be just as bad.

There’s a lot to think about this Christmas Eve day. There have been terrible tragedies across the country in recent weeks. Sad news has even reached my very own backyard, so-to-speak…a suicide at the beach and what appears to be an attempted suicide in our local mall. So horribly sad. People are feeling hopeless. That makes me sad.

One of my friends posted her thoughts on Facebook last night:

It just breaks my heart that people feel that all hope is gone. How I pray for those tonight who are might even be reading this – those who are feel there is nothing left. For those who do not know the Hope that is there for the taking. You might even say, “I don’t need God – He can’t give me anything or change my circumstances.”

With God there is HOPE – With God there is something to look forward to – With God there is forgiveness, grace, mercy and love – it’s yours for the taking. You have nothing to lose! Give Him a try – I promise you will NOT be disappointed!

I could not have said it better myself.

As I drove back home after dropping my daughter off at work I heard the song “Gloria in Excelsis Deo.” Translated that means “glory to God in the highest.” The song was actually getting me a little choked up. Really. The song praises God. It calls us to give Him all the glory! I will! The Creator of the earth, who sent his son for us, deserves praise.

Without that incredible Christmas miracle we would have absolutely no reason to even celebrate Christmas. Because of the gift of Jesus, we can have that hope and not be discouraged. We can know that with His grace, mercy, and love, we are forgiven and that He loves us NO MATTER WHAT!!! No one should be so discouraged that they can’t see the Light.

Without God there is no Christmas. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will work within me to make that light known to others.


March 31, 2012

how dare I…

You know as well as I…we’ve all been there…

We judge others. It’s true. No one wants to. It just happens. You see how someone is behaving or hear something they’ve said and without even thinking about it, a judgmental thought about that person or that situation pops into our head. Then we feel guilty about it…at least I do.

How dare I judge someone else about how they are behaving when I have my own imperfections to deal with!

Matthew 7:3-5 – – 3 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 4 How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

My prayer is that God will give me a heart full of love and compassion…and forgive me. Maybe someone reading this needed to hear it as well. People we know and even those that we don’t know deserve respect…not judgement from a friend or a perfect stranger.


July 16, 2011

on a hill…

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There is a cross on a hill
Just outside my window
Been there since before I was born

I never gave it much thought
‘Til some strangers wanted to take it down
What right do they have?

Imagine another cross
So far away
So many years ago
What right did they have?

When I look upon this cross now
Outside my window
The image takes me there
That place so long ago

An innocent man
Who took the nails
To set me free
In Him


May 17, 2011

going through the motions…

Not long ago, as I wrote about here recently, I had a bit of a medical worry. Thanks to God everything turned out fine.And I made no mistake about praising Him very publicly for that wonderful news.

But very soon after that I could feel it…the complacency creeping up…a backing up of sorts…hard to explain. God gave me what I wanted, so now I can just go back to “going through the motions.” I DON’T WANT THAT!!! No Way!

I praised Him and held tight to His promises in a way I never had before during those few weeks. I trusted Him, loved Him, sang praises to Him, acknowledged Him in every way. That’s what I want on a daily basis…not just in times of deep need.

“I can feel your presence here with me. Suddenly I’m lost within Your beauty,” say the lyrics to this MercyMe song. That’s what I want to feel. I want to know He is here with me no matter what.

Certainly there are others out there who feel this way too. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit will work in me so that I will continue to have that desire, love, and faith just as I did before..that the enemy won’t steal my joy away and make me think it’s ok to just “go through the motions.” This life has so much to offer and I want to experience all that God has in store for me.

I will pray that for others as well.


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