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February 7, 2015

catching up…again

Can anyone else relate?

You want to do something you enjoy (blogging) on a regular (or at least semi-regular) basis but never seem to get in the grove? Yep. That’s me. Story of my writing life.

I’m making an honest effort to do this with some level of regularity. But I guess sometimes life just gets in the way.

Lately though, there has been good reason. As mentioned in a previous post, my dear hubby has been sick. He is much better now than he was a month ago…but still a couple of obstacles to overcome. I know there are some of you out there that know what I mean. Family first. His health is extremely important. We are hopefully done with hospital stays and most appointments have been taken care of. I feel like I can breathe again. And maybe even get in some good writing time.

So…here comes another session of Blogging 101. I attempted it in January, but wasn’t able to keep up. I will try once again. I hope to see some more new blogs from fellow bloggers. And hopefully get a few more followers myself.

Have a great weekend!



February 1, 2015

Like the clouds…

The clouds in the sky
Remind me of the roads in life
Ever changing

As the Lord places them
So He places me
He knows where I’m going

Even when
Like the clouds
Transition is certain

Life is good
His ways are good
I will stay in His hands

Like the clouds


January 10, 2015

still catching up…

Yep. I’m still trying to catch up.

My husband is still in the hospital. He’s progressing. And once he gets out we’re going to be busy with doctors appointments galore!

I’m doing the assignments out of order. Although I don’t think anyone will mind too much.

Last night I was playing around with the themes. Originally I had “Piano Black.”  For some reason I wanted it to be dark. Dark and simple. It allowed my to put titles in lower case, unlike some. I don’t like the font on most themes, but I know how to change that so it’s no big deal really.

The theme I test drove first was “Plane.”  And it is just that. Plain. The color isn’t very attractive. The font for the title and tagline aren’t something I like and it was in all caps. I can’t stand that. No go on Plane.

“Kelly” was the next one. I like the color and the font! The titles are centered. And my upper and lower case stays the way I would want it. Not bad. Possible.

I grew up in the 80’s so I thought I would preview the “Eighties” theme. Wow! It’s very bold. Too bold for me. Sorry.

I have tried many different themes since I began my blog. 2012, 2010, Koi, Spectrum, and Pilcro just to name a few. But Koi….hmmm….That one is nice. Let’s try that again. Yep. I’m going back with Koi. It’s much more colorful. And it reminds me of hope for some reason. My theme for the year is hope. I want that to be reflected in my space here in the land of blogs.


January 8, 2015

let it go…

First off…I’m behind on our “assignments.”

My hubby has been sick and is in the hospital so I let them fall away. But, I’ve got some free time tonight so I’m going to try to do a little catching up! And btw…he’s doing much better now. 🙂

I changed my title and tagline from “rambling child of God : Expressions of a child of God” to “ramble on child of God : because sometimes I just have to let it go.”

It’s a work in progress I think. I’m not sure about the “let it go” part of the tagline. I used to like that phrase until the movie “Frozen” was released. Now I can’t say it without thinking of the song. Ugh!

But truly, I do have to let it go sometimes and this is where I come to do so in writing…as most of us doing these assignments do as well.

And because I brought it up…here’s the song that ruined one of my favorite phrases…especially when it came to my kids…Let it Go…


March 16, 2012


Creed – Rain


I can’t remember the last time I experienced rain for an entire week straight. Has there ever been rain for that many days in a row in southern California? Not sure. However, I am not in SoCal right now. I am in NorCal with family.

We came up for the week so we could check out the neighborhoods and job opportunities. Looks pretty good from what little we’ve seen…since we’ve been indoors for the vast majority of the time we’ve been here. lol. Who wants to get all wet? Not me. But, I suppose we better get used to it. It’s going to be home soon.

Because of all the rain, I just couldn’t help myself. I searched “Rain” on Youtube and came up with a few good videos.

This first one, I had not heard before today. It’s by the band Creed. When they first emerged, many people thought they were a Christian band. While Scott Stapp is a Christian (not sure of the other members), the band was not a Christian band, per se, but many songs were obviously spiritual. Over time the band broke up…stuff happened…I didn’t know what had happened to them. Apparently Scott Stapp got things together again. And by the sound of the lyrics, he could possibly have renewed his faith in God. Of course I don’t know his heart, but the song sounds good.

MercyMe – Bring the Rain

This song is great. I love the fact that God speaks to us in so many ways. Sometimes it’s a wonderfully exciting situation. But there are times when He speaks to us through not so wonderful circumstances. As the lyrics say, if that’s what it takes to make me praise You, bring the rain!


These other videos I just threw in for the sake of the rain outside. Enjoy!

Guns n Roses – November Rain


Milli Vanilli – Blame it on the Rain


Blind Melon – No Rain



July 16, 2011

just a little something…

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The seasons seem to have gotten lost
Somewhere along the way
Like a soul
Searching for the Light of day

Wind blowing , leaves falling
In the dead of winter’s snare
The warmth seems out of place
Reaching for One who cares


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